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Mar 20th ~ 21st : Libra Super Moon. 

During this period we are guided into a new phase. The phase of zero. Within zero is wholeness, balance and infinite possibility.

This moon is so powerful and is the last Super Moon of 2019! — the 3rd that we’ve had since the beginning of the year. It’s pulling us in with its magnetic energy, reminding us to regain familiarity with our lunar magic and embrace the vibrations of the mystical moon.

Since the start of the new year, these three Super Moons have encouraged us to listen and trust our intuition, embrace our feminine side, and of course as all full moons do — purge & let go of everything that is holding us back. 2019 has surely started to prepare us for the real NEW chapter of our lives.

This Super Moon in March falls at zero degrees of Libra. It also falls during the spring equinox, bringing new energy and life at the start of the astrological year. A new cycle has begun and in order to fully enter the new, we must rid ourselves of the old. Start again and return to zero.

Did you know that during this full moon, there are also 3 other planets in the cosmos aligned at the vibration number of zero? The universe is telling us, infinite potential is in full bloom. 

This new phase of energy is at a higher vibration than we have experienced before and is awakening us to see potential and opportunity that we were once blind to. It will open us up and guide us into higher realms of consciousness. Allowing us to take a moment and evaluate how we’ve been using our energy. Have we been mindful of it and using it to its potential so that it refills us? Or have we let it slip away and allowed it to drain us?

This evaluation period is generally when we realize what no longer serves us and let it go. By freeing ourselves of things that take our precious energy (material, people, emotions, habits, etc.) we can then set up new boundaries to fine tune how we use our energy moving forward. When you understand more about your energy, you will be able to adjust where and when you should direct and use it. Listen to your body, mind, heart and soul to guide you into that zero degree balance and live in your truth. 

The true magic of this Moon is so bright that even if you are trying to hide from something, the answers will appear right in front of you. The illuminated moon will shine knowledge onto you so clearly, you will know exactly what needs to change, and what you need to do to change that.

By assessing and setting new boundaries, we are learning to be more careful of our energy. We can now be sure to put it into things that fill us up with joy, balance and wholeness that resides within.

We all have these qualities inside of us— we just need to learn how to tap into them. They flow from within, and when we can finally access them, life becomes more fluid, more fun, and more enjoyable.

Libra Super Moon reminds us to center ourselves by returning to balance at the zero point of our life— and start again from there. This allows us to feel more peaceful and in tune with our lives. For example, start by giving energy to things that we want and desire. Minimize the amount of energy we spend on things that drain or deplete us.

We must use the energy of this Super Moon to center and ground ourselves, to step out of our own way and enter into a new phase of alignment. 
April brings another Libra Full Moon— this will bring the closing of the portal to the new phase. This means that we will have one lunar cycle to integrate these new energies to walk fully into the new.

April’s Full Moon is going to touch on our relationship sector, but this Full Moon is all about tuning deep within and learning to balance the SELF.

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