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April 5th : New Moon in Aries.

This is the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year which resets the Moon cycle. It also happens to occur in the first zodiac sign Aries, promising a fresh start, two times over!

Just recently we had the sun move into Aries which reset the Masculine (Sun) energy and now we have the New Moon moving into Aries to reset the Feminine (Moon) energy.

Remember the last Full Moon we experienced was in Libra, which restored the balance between Masculine and Feminine energy, and was also the 3rd and last Super Moon of 2019. Now, as we enter the 4th month of the year we really have the ultimate balancing act going on! *mind-blown*

This shows us that it is the perfect time to re-evaluate relationships and come into balance with ourselves and others. Especially regarding new or recent encounters. Time to look into everything and see where we need more balance in our lives *hint* if something feels off, it probably is!

Since this New Moon is in the Fire sign of strong-willed Aries, it’s the perfect time to ram head first into a completely new phase in our lives. *pun intended*  

With that said, the New Moon impacts all signs but will particularly influence Aries more than others. If you are an Aries you may feel the energy much stronger, so pay attention and really listen to what it is telling you.

As we all know, New Moons are a time to manifest new paths, set intentions, and embrace new beginnings. This time Aries is challenging us to ask ourselves if we want to stay stuck in our current situation or be brave like the ram and move forward into the unknown with courage and confidence.

Aries New Moon is cosmically placed at an exact point for a magnificent shift to happen within all of us. Instilling balance and the realization that we are in control. Pointing out that we can use this energy to move forward by taking responsibility for exactly where we are and exactly who we choose to be surrounded by.

The night of the New Moon is the time to really sit down and have a deep conversation with our inner self. Why aren’t we prioritizing and making decisions that we know will help us get to where we want to be? Why are we letting things stand in the way of living the life we have dreamed and know that we deserve?

It will take a lot of courage and determination, but Aries has our back, or is it our front? We can now make the decision to bullishly move forward and put our spiritual, emotional, health and well-being first. This is the ultimate and most necessary decision in order to bring pure joy into our lives.

Of course, we all have things that we are obligated to take care of or be a part of, etc. but we too often put those things before our own. We must act with compassion, care and love for others but we simply can not continue to starve ourselves of those exact things in the process. Remember the last Full Mon said to look into where we are using our energy? Are we using it everywhere but ourselves? Maybe this is one of those things Aries New Moon is telling us we need to reevaluate.

We are all incredible human beings, and we only get this one life. It is such a finite amount of time, so we must show up for ourselves more, which in turn makes it easier to show up for others too. Balance. Remember? We must balance, and if we are giving most of our energy away, we will be off center. It is no wonder that we feel like we are not moving forward or creating the dream life that we’ve always imagined if we continue getting stuck in these behaviors.

Life is not easy, and surely there will be more obstacles and tests along the way. The Universe be like that. But remember that we can do this and we can change what we need to in order to thrive, not just survive. Reevaluate our relationships and where our energy is used. We all deserve to be surrounded by people who celebrate our true selves, who reciprocate our love and share our joys and struggles. Set intentions to bring people in who help us vibrate higher. Set intentions to learn new things, and take it head on.

By letting ourselves focus on what we want to create for our future, and really make a commitment to love ourselves more, people around us will either fall in line or turn away. Most of the time our loving and joyous energy will radiate to those around us and spark a fire in them to do the same. Bringing our tribe to even higher vibes!

Let us take time on the night of the New Moon to sit in silence and journal what is really important to us for the future. Visualize and think about how we will feel as our future selves. Where will we be? Who will be there? What will we look like? What type of life will we be living?

The next morning when we wake up, lets start showing up as that person. It is possible. The shift is now. Time to take action on the plan we have instilled in us. Trust the cosmic energy and what it will do for us, but we better believe it!

As they say, AND SO IT IS…

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