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May 18th – Full Blue Flower Moon in Scorpio

The last Blue Moon of the decade is the Flower moon, so get ready for some serious bloom. Since the moon is opposite in Mercury you may feel that it is difficult to share your feelings because of muddled thoughts or contradictory thinking. Be still.

This full moon in Scorpio will give you the courage to dive deep within yourself and your emotions. Evaluate and pay attention to those inner voices and practice self reflection. You are likely to feel empowered during this moon and are ready to face your demons head on. Just listen.

Are you feeling as though things are not enough? Do you find that lately you crave meaningful exchanges and relationships to gain focus and clarity in your life? This is a time to clean your inner house, reflect and review on your life lessons and allow yourself to release any karmic ties to those past pains still ailing you.

Transformation is coming. The energy of this Moon is so powerful right now you can use it to rewrite your current reality. Take a few minutes for yourself and put pen to paper; write down what is important for you in the immediate and the future in order to live a full and happy life.

Scorpio wants to show you that there is nothing to fear. Try to lose the need to control every situations outcome and trust the process. Allow yourself to be open to many outcomes. You may be surprised that they are greater than you could have imagined. Scorpio is here to remind you that we are equipped for survival, so move forward with bravery and confidence. You got this.

Keep in mind that the Sun with Mercury means your thoughts are leaning toward selfishness, overly rationalized and may lack empathy. Be kind to yourself and others. Even though you are craving deep discussions with deep connections to gain clarity, be careful of causing further misunderstandings or arguments due to emotional bias.
Sensitive topics and negotiations will likely be tricky right now.

But remember that this is the perfect Moon to self reflect and spend time talking with a mentor or loved one about feelings that are holding you back. Connect with those deeply buried emotions.

Use this last Blue Moon of the decade wisely and come into your full bloom.

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