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Who Are We?

Collected Conscious® is a lifestyle brand whose mission is to provide ethical fashion and accessories to those who share the same core principles; taking care of the environment and empowering women on a global scale.

Collected Conscious® strives to back this global fashion movement.  We join the too few brands out there who are participating in ethical practices, to offer consumers a responsible way to purchase clothes and accessories.  Buying ethically sourced clothing and accessories means that you are contributing to an industry to ensure that women have access to safe jobs, sustainable incomes, healthcare, and the tools they need, to survive and thrive in today’s climate.

Eco-Ethical Fashion.

Take action and join the global fashion movement by supporting ethical and eco-friendly fashion.

The planet and people thank you.

From the Owner

Hello, my name is Kimberly! It is nice to <virtually> meet you!

I had the idea of starting an accessory or clothing line since I returned to live in the US at the end of 2011. When I finally decided to embark on this journey, I kept kicking myself for not taking the plunge sooner. The truth is, I never believed in myself enough to actually get the ball rolling— it was always just a dream. I was too complacent in my 9-5 job and continuously talked myself out of taking the risk.

As time went on, of course, I felt no gratification in the marketing work I was doing for other companies and the fear of regret became much stronger than the fear of failure.

I have always loved fashion, but I also love people and the planet incredibly so. Once I started to learn about how much damage the fashion industry creates and how much fast fashion brands neglect the people making their clothes— the majority of whom are WOMEN— I knew I had to step up and at least try to make a change.

I know there will be many hurdles to overcome. I feel extremely grateful to those who have connected with me thus far and for those who push me to continue with my vision. In the end it is for all of us, you see.

xoxo ^^


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